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How to Discover Top Website Keywords in 2023

how to discover top website keywords

How to Discover Top Website Keywords:

According to several online recommendations, looking at a website’s HTML code or using the “find” feature won’t help you locate its keywords. For that, an SEO tool is required.

See how to discover top website keywords (keywords for which it ranks in Google) and even sponsored keywords by reading on (keywords used to bid on Google Ads).

How to discover top website keywords for any website (yours, those of your competitors, and everyone else’s)

As was already said, an SEO tool is required for the task. Here’s how to use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to quickly uncover the keywords for any website. One can:

  • Enter the URL of any website. To show keywords for the full site, a path, or the precise URL, choose the mode.
  • Press search.
  • Visit the report for organic keywords. All of the keywords that the website ranks for are listed there.
how to discover top website keywords

In addition to the keywords, Site Explorer will display crucial SEO indicators like your current rank on the SERPs (search engine results pages), search volume, Keyword Difficulty (KD), and even your past ranking performance.

how to discover top website keywords

Additionally, you can experiment with filters to condense the amount of data. You might, for instance, view the terms with low difficulty or conduct a keyword search.

how to discover top website keywords
What should we do next? It’s a good idea to learn how to select the best keywords for your website since you’ll probably find a lot of them this way. Ahrefs have a complete guide on this topic.

How you WILL NOT find a website’s keywords.

If you’re interested, here’s why you require a high-end SEO tool.

Viewing the HTML code of a page and examining these two sections of the code were two previous methods for locating keywords:

  • <meta name=”keywords”> – This is where SEOs used to put their keywords back in the day to tell Google what the page is about (and hopefully rank for those terms). Hardly anybody uses that now, so you won’t find much information there.
  • <title>  This determines the title of the page. This can be a hint as to what the page’s target keyword is as intended by the page’s creator. This means that a) the page may not rank for the keyword in the first 100 SERP results and b) you can see only one organic keyword (without any SEO data) one page at a time.

Google Keyword Planner can be used as a different strategy. Although this answer is improved, it is still not correct.

Based on a page’s URL, GKP will display a variety of keyword suggestions, among which are the following:

  • Some organic keywords that the page ranks for, but you won’t know which. And you will likely get overestimated search volumes for whole groups of keywords instead of just one (learn more in Ahrefs study).
  • Topically relevant keywords that Google suggests you could run ads for. So not organic keywords a page actually ranks for. 
how to discover top website keywords

Most of these terms don’t appear in our essay on keyword research. Also note that the search volume range for each keyword listed by GKP is consistent.
Let’s talk about how to discover top website keywords for search ads as well.

How to locate the paid keywords on any website

You may view paid keywords using certain SEO tools (aka Google Ads keywords or Google AdWords). Here is how to do that with Site Explorer. One can:

  1. Enter any website’s URL. Again, simply adjust the mode to see keywords for the entire domain, a path, or the exact URL.
  2. Hit search.
  3. Go to the Paid keywords report. 
how to discover top website keywords

In addition to keywords, this report provides you with more information like:

  • Price of the keyword (CPC).
  • Search activity.
  • A page’s alleged traffic from a particular term.
  • The page where a keyword landing.
  • The keyword advertisement

How can I locate SEO-friendly keywords?

There are several approaches to that:

  • Look into the terms used by your rivals. Then, you can strive to rank for those same phrases or utilise them to find synonyms.
  • Use keyword research tools: Based on just one word or phrase, these programmes can generate hundreds of keyword suggestions together with their SEO metrics.
  • Discover undiscovered keywords, themes you were unaware of, or topics that are just starting to trend by studying the topics that your audience finds interesting.

In Ahrefs’ Keyword Research: The Beginner’s Guide, each strategy is explained in detail.

What is keyword difficulty? 

An SEO metric called keyword difficulty calculates how challenging it would be to rank on Google’s first page for a specific phrase.

Using the projected number of websites that link to the top 10 ranking pages, Ahrefs rates it on a scale from 0 to 100 (the hardest). You will need more backlinks to rank if more domains link to the top 10 pages.

how to discover top website keywords
The foundation is that. More elements, such the authority of your website and your ability to match search intent, must be taken into account if you want to calculate your odds of ranking more precisely.

On my website, how should I use keywords?

Try to select one target term per page; this will serve as the page’s subject. Still, you’ll be able to rank for a lot of other pertinent keywords (no need for keyword stuffing). Next, create your content bearing in mind these SEO best practises:

  • By matching your content to search intent, you may be relevant (content type, format, and angle)
  • Be thorough and incorporate popular subtopics that users often expect to see.
  • Put the keyword in the heading.

Keep learning 

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