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How to get free backlinks that actually help your organic search ranking in 2022

how to get free backlinks by guardiansofit

How to get free backlinks –

There are many ways to earn backlinks, from utilizing digital PR to providing testimonials. Learn our 25 tried and true strategies.

What Are Backlinks?

how to get free backlinks by guardiansofit

One of the most crucial SEO variables, if not the most significant, are backlinks. They unfortunately rank high on the list of SEO metrics that you have little influence over, but don’t worry, we’ll help you out with that in a second.

An external connection that draws users away from one website and to another is known as a backlink. In your article, you should include some backlinks, but more importantly, you need backlinks that work as incoming redirections. In other words, you want other websites and pages to link back to yours.

Backlinks and organic traffic, or visitors that find your website directly or through a search engine’s results page, go hand in hand (SERP). This is so that the platform may more clearly comprehend how your page(s) are connected when constructing its search engine index, search engine website crawlers specifically hunt for backlinks. The backlinks are more significant because they also show search engines how your content ties to other internet pages and websites. This aids in positioning your page appropriately on the SERP so that you may draw natural visitors from the appropriate search queries.

The caliber of your backlinks is strongly tied to how search engines index and display your content. Naturally, all hyperlinks will assist search engines in classifying your material in accordance with relevance, but this alone has little impact on your rating.

The creation of backlinks from and to reputable websites is crucial for this reason. These are well-known websites that already do well for subjects related to yours.

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It can be laborious to create great backlinks, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 25 methods for creating or obtaining backlinks.


Although it could seem like you’ll merely be aiding another site in expanding its resources and gaining more visitors for themselves, this is actually an instance of people helping each other out. After all, guest blogging differs greatly from ghostwriting in many ways. You receive absolutely no credit for the content as a ghostwriter. However, the author, not the hosting website, receives full credit for every guest post.

Of course, this aids the host site in gaining views, but it’s alright for the guest author as it typically contains a backlink to your website. Guest posting is one of those instances where the goal isn’t solely to create backlinks to raise your SERPs ranking in the search engine index, which isn’t at all what you should be focusing on. This is a fantastic method to spread the word about yourself, make your material accessible to new readers, and gain more internet visibility. Online reputation is greatly enhanced by guest posting, particularly for respected sites in your sector.

But if you approach it incorrectly, it could take a while to locate opportunities to write guest blogs. Use of websites like Twitter is one surefire way to find new, pertinent opportunities. Using the search feature, you may identify reputable websites that frequently accept guest post submissions quite quickly. Search for new chances by entering “your niche” + “guest post” (for instance, “SEO” + guest post).


Although internal links can fit the definition of a backlink, as we discussed in the introduction, the term “backlinks” is most often used to refer to external links to your site and pages. Because they aid the site crawlers employed to create and update search engine indexes in understanding how your content relates to information on other websites, backlinks of all types influence how search engines interact with your website.

Because users can simply traverse your website and find pertinent items that complement or match the page they’re now seeing, internal links help create a fantastic user experience. This is paramount in SEO because it allows you to retain visitors: instead of typing in another search query to find additional, relevant information, you’re providing a means for them to find it on your site.

If your content uses technical terms related to your industry, it is one of the most frequent ways this will work in your favor. While you want your writing to be understandable to readers, adding a definition to the first occurrence of each technical phrase results in a disorganized content structure.

It’s because this term is important to your industry and your target market that you have another page devoted to explaining it in more detail. You may make sure that your viewers have access to all the information they require by making the first occurrence of a technical phrase on your page into anchor text with an internal backlink to the definitions page.

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However, take care not to overstuff your pages with internal links. A decent guideline is to keep the number of backlinks per page to under 100, and you should count external links as well (you’ll understand why in a moment).


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great tool for building backlinks on reputable news websites. You just have to register as a source, which takes less than a minute, and you’ll start receiving three emails per day, Monday through Friday (at 05h35, 12h35, and 17h35 ET). These are the source requests, a list of articles for which journalists are looking for information.

Each one has a summary, the issue area, and the journalist’s email address, which is where you should submit the information. The summary is typically the desired headline for the story. The name of the website where the piece will be published, the reporter’s deadline, and a description of the information they need are also included.

Of course, you won’t be able to offer your input on every single query. One reason is that not all of the emails you receive—which can number in the hundreds—will be pertinent to your field. All you have to do is look through the list to discover the ones that cover your region, then email the reporter’s hidden email with a contribution request!

Your response to the journalist’s question and your contact information, which may include a link to your website, will be included in your pitch.

Every HARO query you respond to does not guarantee that you will receive a backlink because the journalist may decide not to use the data you offer. After all, he or she will get a lot of comments, some of which may be more pertinent than others. However, you’ll almost always be rewarded with a backlink on a highly ranked website.


how to get free backlinks by guardiansofit

All businesses, large and small, enjoy displaying the positive feedback from their customers. In fact, you’ll see that the majority of business websites only feature a few carefully chosen customer reviews on their homepage, while a select few have entire pages devoted to customer testimonials (which are always linked to from the homepage and usually say something like “customer success stories”) Here is an illustration of a testimonial page.

So how do you make this a simple way to obtain high-quality backlinks for your website? Making a list of the goods and services you’ve lately used is the first step. Consider those you’ve used frequently (or began using) over the previous six months as a decent general rule of thumb. This can take some time, and it most likely will continue, but it’s by far the most time-consuming step in this procedure.

The next thing you should do is check to see if their websites include a testimonials page. If they do, take a moment to write a brief, glowing review of your experience using the good or service, then get in touch with the company. Most websites provide a comment section or a testimonials email address on their contact page.

That’s all, then! You won’t even need to request a link because they nearly always provide one for you without asking—just to show that you’re a real person. Since your link will receive the maximum visibility on their homepage, be sure to specify that they are permitted to utilise your testimonial there.


Everyone uses the blogs they follow as a source of knowledge, but occasionally readers want or need more than what the post has to give. You can help in this situation. Start following blogs that discuss your industry, either directly or by talking about some of the goods and/or services that you offer. There are many reasons for you to do this, and we’ll cover more of them in this article, but one of the simplest ways to do it will enable you to create backlinks is by reading the comments.

Many bloggers (including vloggers on platforms like YouTube) frequently invite their readers to leave questions in the comments section or to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Most bloggers will attempt to respond to every comment and frequently the original writer of the question will respond to questions, but frequently the best responses come from other readers. You come into play in this situation.

First off, you can leave a suggested comment with the material you think is missing or not covered sufficiently in the post. You can find possibilities to respond to questions by reading through the queries of other readers.

You may occasionally discover that the response another reader is seeking is too lengthy to post as a comment. Take advantage of these chances to offer a succinct response, and then finish by including a link to your post.

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The public also uses forums like Yahoo Answers and Google Groups, as well as options that are industry- or even product-specific. Similar opportunities are presented by them as in the blog comment area.


Although testimonials on other websites are a great way to get backlinks to your website, you also have the option to use testimonials for your own product or service as a backlink source.

How so? By providing it without charge to bloggers who cover your sector. Even while this isn’t quite a cost-free method of creating backlinks, the outcomes should quickly make up for the expense.

Therefore, you should look for bloggers who do offer some reviews of goods and services related to your industry. Prior to proceeding to the next step, select the most credible findings from the list.

You want to make an offer at this point. Use this advice:

Begin by with a warm welcome and mentioning how you were looking for articles on your topic when you came across their post. Congratulate them on their writing, and then let them know that you have a service or product that corresponds with the topic. Mention your standard fee before expressing your desire to provide the service without charge. All you ask in return is that they think about writing a review or mentioning your company on their blog.

They’ll reply to you if they’re interested. You should be aware that while you’re reaching out to the bloggers in good faith, you can’t compel them to write positive reviews, so this approach isn’t always guaranteed to be successful. Additionally, you should use extreme caution when contacting them because doing so in a way that expressly requests a link (or even a review) is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


One of the simplest ways to get reputable websites to connect to your website is by using the Moving Man Method. A well-known business or service provider may cease operations from time to time. Numerous factors, including internal politics or poor management, might cause this process. In cases where the founder’s name is associated with the company, the operation may end when they retire or pass away.

However, when they were still operating, they offered high-quality content on their website, which led to several backlinks from other websites. The domain name is typically not renewed and these sites are typically shut down as well, but certain businesses (mainly well-known leading specialists) have already registered their domain names for a few years. The website is still accessible after a business failure, although typically the material is deleted. This implies that the hyperlinks they have established will continue to function but will point users to empty pages.

Other times, while not being updated, the site’s content is still accessible.

You’ll need to locate reputable websites with lots of connections leading to other pages in order to obtain examples. You may check which of these links open blank web pages by using Domain Hunter Plus. The next step is to download a list of all the backlinks pointing to that website using a tool like Ahrefs.

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You can now begin creating backlinks to your website. You can contact the websites that include hyperlinks to them and inform them that the link is no longer functional because the other site has been removed if your content satisfies the same requirement as the defunct one did. By providing them with a resource on your website in their place, you greatly increase your chances of receiving a high-quality backlink.


how to get free backlinks by guardiansofit

This method is quite similar to the Moving Man Method, with the exception that you’re looking for links that return 404 errors rather than ones that go to outdated or empty pages. There’s a good possibility that you’ve encountered a 404 error at least a few times if you’ve spent any time online. Existing backlinks on other websites that point to a completely gone site will produce a 404 error. These are “broken links,” and the website hosting them suffers as a result.

Once more, you should look for industry-specific reference pages and scan them for broken links. Use a browser plugin like Check My Links for Chrome instead of clicking every link in the hopes of finding one; we don’t expect you to. Broken links will be highlighted in red to make them stand out and be simple to find.

The following action is the same as it was with the Moving Man Method. In an email to the owner of the resource page website informing them of the broken link, be sure to include both the precise URL and the location on the page of the link that is broken. You might accomplish this by including the anchor text they used as well as the URL of the page where the broken link is located.

Once more, you’ll politely let them know that your website contains pertinent content on the same subject. Replace the broken link with one to your pages and, in most situations, you’ll have gained a new backlink.


Your company or brand may occasionally be mentioned online without a direct link to your website. The good news for you is that although this phase frequently results from human error, it may also provide a fresh supply of backlinks.

Reclaiming links is an easy yet effective strategy. The majority of the time, you’ll discover that someone has mentioned you on their blog because they value one (or several) of your goods or services. The article isn’t always a review per se; occasionally, they’ve mentioned your company or brand as part of a longer story.

Simply utilise a programme like BuzzSumo, which creates a content alert each time someone writes about you, to find these references. The majority of the time, a connection to your website will already be present, which is fantastic news, but occasionally the link won’t be there.

Send them an email instead of wishing they had included a link! Ask them if they would think about including a link to your website after thanking them for mentioning your company in their article (extra tip: complimenting the post also helps). Mention how their readers can use it to find you if they so choose.

Don’t be adamant on the link being inserted. Before you leave, make a polite request, say thank you again, and send your best wishes. You’ll almost always receive a favourable answer and a fresh backlink as a result.

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If you follow our advice on how to ask for the link, you’ll probably discover that they’ll give you a good mention again in the future—this time with the link already attached. Link reclamation can sometimes get you some of the most powerful backlinks.


More and more people are becoming aware of how frequently websites are hacked because to shows like Mr. Robot and films like Blackhat (2015). Recent ransomware assaults have genuinely frightened people all around the world.

But in a far more subtle way, thousands of websites are hacked every day. Some website hackers add pages that advertise and sell prescription drugs, spam emails that you can’t find in your outbox, or both.

It’s not nice for the website owner when their site has been hacked to add pages covertly, especially since they’re unlikely to spot it themselves unless they’re always on the lookout for them. However, you can use it as a chance for a backlink if you can identify hacked websites in your sector.

You only need to enter a search phrase like inurl:keyword + “keyword” to find these websites. An illustration of how to locate hack pages in the fitness sector is inurl:fitness + “Viagra.”

In order for the site owner to immediately locate the hack in the backend of their site builder or content management system and remove it, you should inform them about the page and provide a link to it. Sometimes they’ll ask if there’s any way they can pay you back as a sign of gratitude. At this point, you should remark that you’ve just written an article that they might find interesting and request permission for one of their high-ranking pages to link to yours. That’s all there is to it!


Submitting your website to one of the many, many feedback sites is a great way to receive backlinks and feedback on how to make your site’s user experience better.

These are made to assist site owners in maximising the layout and conversion potential of their website. Yes, usability evaluation methods are a great approach to achieve this as well. We definitely advise that you conduct one at least once a year (and especially if you’ve just launched or are considering a redesign). However, these don’t frequently result in backlinks, so if you want to improve both your UX and your SEO, website feedback sites are the way to go.

Simply register for an account on one or more of these websites, then submit your website for evaluation. Just a brief explanation of how you see or would wish to enhance it follows.

The finest websites for website reviews do this automatically by linking back to your website. Although it seems like a basic function because it makes it simple for donors to find your website, several of these platforms don’t automatically add the link.

These are some of the most reliable ranking sites if you’re seeking for a superb feedback site that will create a link for you instantly.


how to get free backlinks by guardiansofit

Online interviews are a growing trend right now, and they provide a quick approach to gain some backlinks. It takes time to establish yourself as an authority in your field or specialised area, but once you do, you’ll undoubtedly start receiving several requests for interviews. You’ll need to start by looking for possibilities to be interviewed till then.

Finding websites—especially blogs and even vlogs—that conduct online interviews is one method to go about this. Even while it doesn’t have to be exclusive to your area of expertise, you should nonetheless limit the list to sites that cover a variety of subjects. Even if (by some miracle) you manage to land an interview on a site that is completely unrelated to your business, the backlink won’t have much of an impact on your SERP ranking.

Once you’ve located an appropriate website, contact the owner via email to express your interest in working on their project. Always make sure to give a general summary of the expertise you can contribute. Similar to guest posting and offering resources through HARO, combined, you’re offering a source of information that another person will use to create content for their website.

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Another choice is to get in touch with nearby internet media and let them know you’ve recently launched. Ask if they’d be interested in being interviewed for a piece on neighborhood businesses and offer to participate. Regardless of the technique you choose, you will eventually acquire a few backlinks.


We advise you to register a Google+ profile account if you haven’t already done so because it’s a simple approach to creating backlinks to your website. Simply sign up on Google+ for free, including a link to your website in the Introduction section, and engage in conversation with other users. Like all SEO techniques, it will take time and effort, and the more time you spend talking and sharing, the more exposure your backlink will provide to your website. Your Google+ profile will eventually receive an increasing number of referrals, giving it a more potent backlink.

You must be signed out of Google+ in order to see the link as a link, also known as a dofollow link, which is an important point to keep in mind. It’s a little odd, but when you’re logged in, the link appears as nofollow, which means the backlink is real and is on your profile, but it doesn’t appear as a link and can’t be clicked to direct users.

However, this does not imply that you shouldn’t add it. If your profile appears on a SERP, for instance, there are likely to be individuals who aren’t logged in who will see the link and hopefully click it. In addition, having that backlink available can aid search engines (most notably Google, though Bing and Yahoo will also index your site and boost your SERP ranking) in indexing your website.


This is a sort of continuation of the Google+ part mentioned above, which we believed needed its own emphasis. The importance of other social media sites as a platform for building backlinks to your website and promoting your content cannot be understated. In reality, it’s a viable and well-liked choice, and some people have established careers out of managing social media platforms.

Naturally, you don’t need to hire one at first because you should be able to manage your social media platforms without any trouble, but over time, you’ll probably need one as well.

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Create a Facebook page for your business so that you can engage with customers, advertise your brand, and post content. Of course, you’ll also find yourself sharing stuff from other websites, and most of the time they’ll reciprocate. Your followers will be able to share your posts with their friends, generating a cascade of backlink chances, and receive regular updates on new material, goods, and promotions.

The same is true of Twitter, which we previously identified as a fantastic resource for discovering opportunities to write guest posts for other websites. Another well-liked trend is Instagram, which enables you to advertise your brand and share advertising campaigns like competitions with a large audience of followers (better suited to product-oriented enterprises, however, service providers could also think about using the site).


You need to have great content on your website in order to get backlinks through guest posting, social networking, and pretty much all of the other ways we’ve listed. If your website lacks high-quality content, you won’t be able to employ the broken link strategy successfully.

Furthermore, having high-quality material increases the likelihood that other websites, particularly blogs, may mention your website without your having to contact them first. To obtain a backlink from others in your business who are also following other websites like yours, you must first demonstrate that you are deserving of one.

Of course, you want your content to be distinctive, but you also want to offer a truly distinctive experience (known as having unique value). Most web pages are distinctive, and many of them contain useful content, but few may provide truly distinctive value. In order to do this, you must offer content that improves the user experience in a way that no other internet page does.

This is essential for generating backlinks and other social media shares. One of the few things you can directly control is the possibility that your content will attract backlinks.

We advise you to put yourself in the shoes of a website visitor before building a page. Imagine a page that not only satisfies your needs (which is the foundation of good content), but also stands out from the majority of what you can already discover online. Once that image has formed in your mind, you must sit down and draught it before publishing and promoting it.


You should spy on your competition to get ideas for quality material that will bring links to your website. Why? Because it’s likely that they have excellent content that ranks highly and has a lot of backlinks.

Following their social media accounts is the simplest way to do this because that is where they will share their most useful and pertinent stuff. In our upcoming part, the Skyscraper Method, having access to this information will be crucial, but it’s also crucial in other ways. Knowing what your competitors are doing on their social media channels will offer you an indication of the kinds of businesses and people they follow, giving you a list of potential customers to approach and promote. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep up with the marketing strategies they employ to acquire backlinks, and information you may use to better your business.

As a result, you should subscribe to any newsletters they give out in addition to following them on social media. Another excellent approach to get alerts when they update new information on their website is using Google Alerts.

Monitor Backlinks is one of our favorite tools for figuring out when and how your competitors are constructing links. This will give you clear insight into the methods you may use to acquire backlinks in the same business, including practically all of the others we’ve covered, such as specific websites you should offer to write guest articles for.


The Skyscraper Method is a very effective way to create high-quality content that, if used properly, will also assist you in developing pages that are very helpful and are guaranteed to gain backlinks from reputable websites. The best aspect is that neither locating resources nor creating the material will cost you any money!

The first part of this three-step approach, which involves spying on your rivals to learn what content performs well and attracts the most backlinks, has already been covered. We mentioned various tools for determining where and how these backlinks are being developed in our prior section, so we won’t mention them again here. We’ll explain to you what else you can do with this information.

The Skyscraper Method’s second phase entails building your own content on top of pre-existing material. Simply rewriting it is not what you want to do because you won’t be able to implement step three (which we’ll discuss in a moment) or gain any additional backlinks. Keep in mind that the content you’ve selected so far is supposed to act as a foundation rather than a structure.

Based on this, you should deliver the same information in a fresh, improved manner while also, and most crucially, adding to it. Find fresh sources, ambiguous updates, and inventive ways to enlighten your audience about a topic that your rivals are covering. If, for instance, one of your competitors has a highly ranked article that lists the top 10 products, offer your users an alternative article that lists the top fifteen.

Finally, you want to spread the word about your revised material. Following up on the possibilities you discovered that your rivals exploited to build links was another topic that was only partially discussed in our prior segment.


In terms of how you present the information, there are three main approaches you may take to content creation, and the first of these is to develop material in the form of lists.

Although it may seem strange at first, people enjoy reading long lists of facts. For instance, numerous publications may be found online that solely list the top ten methods for constructing backlinks, some of which will require payment (like offering scholarships and donating to charities). Even some of the most reputable SEO websites halted at under twenty.

We were able to offer an article that covers 25 strategies by implementing the first two phases of the Skyscraper Method and combining it with this one. And the justification is straightforward: by making a long list, you can be more thorough and cover more options. Whatever your subject, the same applies!

You can produce longer content by using the Skyscraper Method to construct a longer list. Longer content is ideal for backlinks, according to several of the biggest experts in SEO, because you have more room to be specific.

Because it automatically organizes and splits your material into digestible chunks that serve as stepping stones for readers to follow, the list format is a great approach to accomplish this.


In addition to being a terrific supplement to your content generally, infographics are the hottest new thing in SEO. In fact, it’s surprising how few individuals are using infographics in their web tactics given how many SEO professionals advocate its use!

This is mainly due to the misconception that making one will be expensive, even though it doesn’t have to be. You can quickly locate a graphic designer with experience creating infographics for incredibly low prices by using websites like UpWork (formerly Elance-oDesk). Additionally, while it’s usually preferable to work with someone who has experience creating infographics, it’s not necessarily necessary. In our opinion, the textual content is more crucial than the design.

Infographics are a visually appealing approach to displaying information that is sure to gain online shares. All you have to do is have the idea in mind, put it in writing in brief, clear chunks (the list approach is back! ), and employ a designer to make it a reality. If you’d like, you can even generate it yourself using programs like Piktochart (which is how infographics made it onto our list of totally free ways to get backlinks).

Your infographic should next be shared on social media, but more crucially on websites like, DailyInfoGraphic, and


The creation of audio files is another frequently disregarded method for increasing backlinks. While almost anything will work, it will undoubtedly be best if you produce audios that are pertinent to your industry.

To videotape yourself (or someone else) reading your entries aloud and embed the file on the appropriate page is a fantastic idea. This is due to the fact that many people learn information more effectively when they can hear it rather than just read it.

Another benefit of doing this is that users with dyslexia may find lengthy postings intimidating, particularly if they contain technical words. Many of these make use of assistive text-to-speech software like NaturalReader, however, some of these solutions demand that users submit text from a document.

The longer text has a higher ranking, but you don’t want to turn off potential customers by making them copy your content into a Word document and submit it to their assistive application in order to read the entire piece. Even though not offering an audio option isn’t precisely discriminatory, it would be wonderful to set a trend of having your work accessible in audio formats for individuals who require them. As you might have guessed, this is also a great approach to providing high-quality material.

With Vocaroo, a fantastic online application, you can record voiceovers directly from your browser and get the mp3 file to embed in your website. You can also upload the files to audio-sharing websites to aid in backlink building.


It’s well known in SEO that links websites will always increase your position and drive significant traffic to your website. However, obtaining a .edu connection is not as difficult as many website owners believe. It’s far simpler than most people realize to produce something that universities will want to link to.

Offering a scholarship is one approach to achieving this. Although it’s a great way to build .edu backlinks, it does require some money, which you might not have when you first start off.

You’re in luck since there is another way to construct .edu connections without cost. Most colleges and institutions offer a resource website that the general public and students can utilize. Links to websites with information that their students and faculty can use are abundant on these pages. To avoid explicitly favoring any one connection over another, the links are categorized and often arranged alphabetically.

Find these reference pages and the post on your page that most closely matches what they’ve already listed is what you want to do. Send an email to the webmaster introducing your website and politely mentioning your resources. Make the case why your piece might be a useful addition to their references page, but don’t be pushy about it.

Be ready to send out a lot of these letters, with just 5-10% of them producing backlinks, but keep in mind that even link can (and will) significantly improve your SEO.


Sites like Alltop are blog aggregators because they contain a list of high-quality blogs in many industries. These aggregators can be a terrific and simple way to create free backlinks to your website, and since they are authoritative, the link itself will be beneficial to your SEO. Since aggregate sites have a large following as well, you can be sure that the backlinks you have established on them will drive some traffic as well.

You can obtain a dofollow on any of these sites by following these four simple steps:

  • Create a free account on the aggregator website.
  • Offer your website as a recommendation for their list.
  • In order for them to verify the submission and certify that you are the owner, you must add some HTML code to your website.
  • Within a few days, a representative from the blog aggregator site will visit the website to check the submission. A dofollow link to your website will be put on their pages once your request has been approved.,,, and are additional blog aggregators. Go ahead and perform a fast Google search to find as many as you can. Try to add your site to as many of them as you can because most of them follow the same procedure as above and it’s as simple as. These are really effective backlinks that will greatly raise your SEO ranking.


Scoop It provides a straightforward answer for individuals who want to curate content and obtain high-quality backlinks. Industry leaders frequently use it, particularly those who want to build their online reputation. Although it is much more than just another blog aggregator, you can think of it in that way.

Users can create their own online magazines on Scoop It using content they love finding on the web, with the intention of sharing the content with other professionals in the field and potential customers. Adding your name to the mix will greatly improve the SEO of your website because the software’s speedy search techniques ensure that consumers find high-quality information from reputable websites.

Consider it a second platform where you may post, promote, and link to your material while matching it with other pertinent online information to build backlinks for other websites that might be persuaded to do the same for you. You can freely share your Scoop It content on your social media channels as well.

There are several options available, and the free option is excellent for new users. In the long run, you might want to look into some of their paid plans, but if you’re just getting started online, using the free version is a great method to start generating backlinks to and from your website.


Numerous blogs and websites release “best of” lists that give visitors an in-depth analysis of the top blogs and websites in a given niche or business.

While you might not be able to persuade others to reciprocate by creating your own hyperlinks to their websites, you can use the current links to identify blogs and venues to market your own. This is one of the simplest ways to do it because you already have a list of the top websites in your field; more research is not necessary.

Of course, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the lists on just one website. Find at least three that you can compare and create your own list as a general rule of thumb. You’ll use this list to create your email marketing strategy.

Additionally, keep an eye out for pertinent local websites that you might not always discover on “best of” lists. The explanation for this is straightforward: voice search is altering how search engines interact with users and factor location into SERP generation. You may score well for both text-based search inquiries and the increasingly common conversational voice search queries by having links to other, more established local businesses.

So how do you turn this list into new backlinks with an email marketing strategy? 


You’ve acquired a tonne of new backlinks using the strategies we’ve already discussed, but occasionally you’ll need to make a compelling argument.

Asking is the simplest and fastest technique to create new backlinks. However, it’s unlikely to succeed (although if it does, earning that link will probably be the simplest you’ve ever done!)

What then makes a good pitch?

First and foremost, keep in mind that reciprocity requires some sacrifice on your part. Backlinks are typically granted when you are able to provide the other site with a benefit that also applies to them. What else do you have to provide, outside a fix for broken links and a warning against hacks?

Make sure you’ve written high-quality content that is pertinent to their website and was developed using the principles we’ve outlined above because they want the same thing you do.

Therefore, inform them that a backlink has already been established to their website and provide a link to the article so they may view it for themselves.

Second, keep it brief—but don’t exclude important information—remember that the majority of people receive close to a hundred emails daily.

Your subject line must be eye-catching. A poor subject line is to blame for 69 percent of emails that are classified as spam. Your pitch’s body should be thorough yet succinct—and, most importantly, approachable rather than aggressive.

Use Pitchbox or look at some templates if you’re having trouble.

The final deciding factor in whether or not a website grant you a backlink will be your proposal. It is the most fundamental but crucial method of creating these linkages. You’ll soon notice an exponential rise in your SEO ranking if you keep it in mind and keep our advice in mind.



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