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How To Improve Your SEO Rankings By Fixing Outdated Content in 2022

how to improve your seo rankings by guardiansofit

How To Improve Your SEO Rankings, If your company has been around for more than a year or two, you probably have a mountain of published information on your website. Because most of the information is obsolete or irrelevant, it no longer serves your audience or your brand.

But, well, it can’t harm, right?

Wrong. Your content’s search rankings and visitors’ experience may suffer as a result of outdated content.

Published content, for example, could include links to articles, research reports, or other useful web pages. Pages go offline for a variety of reasons throughout time. Those links may now lead to pages that are no longer available. Because Google frowns on content with broken links, this lowers your search ranking. They’re also unpopular with the public.

You can also have content on subjects that aren’t relevant to your current content or company strategy. You don’t want those pages to pop up in a Google search.

Many businesses are hesitant to erase content, yet the effects are frequently surprising. HubSpot, for example, removed over 3000 pieces of old information. The company’s SEO results improved dramatically in just a few months.

How To Improve Your SEO Rankings

Begin with an audit of your material

According to HubSpot’s experience, you cannot or should not delete all of your previous material. Much of your previously published material can be improved to improve your SEO and audience experience.

Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to update previously published material in order to increase your SEO. Even better, content that has been appropriately refurbished or updated can be just as useful as fresh posts. According to Search Engine Journal, periodically eliminating or upgrading outdated material might result in increased page traffic and your issue is how to improve your SEO. You could save your company money in the long run by implementing these tactics.

You’ll need to find it first if you’re planning to use digital scissors to cut away wrong or obsolete content. As a result, you’ll need to conduct a content audit. Ideally, you’ll go over every piece of content on your site (blog articles, tutorials, and interview posts) to determine what works and what doesn’t serve your target audience with any authority-building or educational benefits. Start with one content category (for example, blog posts) and extend from there if the amount of content makes that process too overwhelming.

Remove or reroute content that is:

  • Because of changing industry trends or changes in your company, you are no longer relevant.
  • Your existing target audience isn’t interested in it.

The SEO tactics listed below may help the content you chose to preserve.


how to improve your seo rankings by guardiansofit
How To Improve Your SEO Rankings By Fixing Outdated Content in 2022 5

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Republish and update outdated content that is still useful

What should you do with old blog entries and other relevant and useful content that you want to keep? Republish recently published content since Google prefers it.

However, don’t simply republish them on your site as is — this is a quick way to lose rankings in the eyes of Google’s computerized search engine algorithm.

Instead, reload the article by doing the following:

  • New paragraphs are being added
  • existing ones are being updated
  • Adding more visuals and links

Then, with the current date, republish your high-quality material. After revising more than 20 previous blog entries, Databox, a popular dashboard tool for organizations, noticed a 75 percent spike in website traffic.

As you work on upgrading older content, keep an eye out for the following changes.

Remove any references to old statistics from the content you’re preserving

Examine a number of posts that are reasonably good and accurate. Remove any inaccuracies in the data or references that are no longer valid.

Assume you’ve written a fantastic blog post for your small business about how to use a particular product. The article is still relevant, however it contains information from five years ago. Remove those sentences for the sake of your brand.

This will protect your content from being harmed by broken links. It also prevents your target audience from reading out-of-date material and drawing false judgments about your brand’s authority or authenticity as a result.

After removing these out-of-date references or data points, you can improve the SEO value of previously published pages by replacing them with current data points.

Replace each eliminated link with a modern, accurate, and up-to-date reference from the internet. This ensures that your links are in good working order and that they point to reliable sites.

Also, keep in mind that evergreen posts should be reviewed and refreshed from time to time

Examine evergreen postings for references that aren’t as accurate or compelling as they once were. Take into account the present state of the sector, its trends, and what your target audience is looking for.

Then don your editor’s hat and get down to business. Trim the fat from existing content, add new lines with fresh perspectives, and more without compromising the bones of previously published articles. You’ll save time if you do this instead of creating new content while enhancing your brand’s SEO.

Incorporate new SEO keywords and links.

Finally, by incorporating newly discovered SEO keywords and links into older content, you can boost its search engine optimization value.

You can use the keyword research you’ve already done to clean up existing material if you’re still posting fresh content as part of your content strategy. Replace or add new keywords to existing posts, and consider adding a few new, high-authority links to old blogs to make them more relevant and authoritative.


Final Thoughts

It takes time and effort to clean up outdated material and make it relevant to your target audience again. However, getting rid of content that isn’t working and improving what is can make a huge difference in your content marketing strategy.

You may increase organic traffic to your site without investing in new material, and you’ll be better able to meet the needs of your audience. Put these strategies to the test and see what happens.

Now, you are aware of how to improve your seo rankings by updating your old content.

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