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How to Promote Your Small Business in 2023

how to promote your small business by guardiansofit

How to Promote Your Small Business:

Are you interested in promoting your company but unsure of where to start?
It’s not just you.

In the U.S., the U.K., and Europe, small enterprises account for more than 90% of all establishments.

Therefore, if you’re having trouble getting noticed or generating enquiries from or sales from potential consumers, this book will walk you through the process of properly marketing your small business.

Step 1. Consider a product-market fit first.

The first step in marketing is determining what you sell and who you sell it to. These are the crucial actions:

  • Indicate the issue your product or service addresses for your target market.
  • Describe the key characteristics of your product or service.
  • Convert those characteristics into gains.
  • Create a one-page summary of your product or service and distribute it to a select group of clients for their initial feedback.

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Step 2. Set reasonable prices

The next step in marketing your company is deciding how much to charge clients for your goods or services in order to turn a profit.

If you offer tangible goods, for instance, your pricing strategy might be to raise the price to cover the cost of production, delivery, and shipping while still making a profit.

The software product Ahrefs has monthly prices of $99, $199, $399, and $999, which are determined by the data costs, customer data usage, and the value it offers.

A user experience (UX) design company, as an example of pricing services, may charge more than a web design company because its clients place a higher value on UX design.

And finally, assess what competitors’ prices are and what customers are ready to spend.

Step 3. Set a monthly objective.

Having a specific aim can help you organise your marketing activities, which is the next step in promoting your company.

Gaining new clients, selling to current clients, and keeping clients utilising and paying for your goods and services are the three basic marketing objectives.

  1. Obtain new clients (Acquisition)
  2. Sell to your existing clients (Upsell)
  3. keep your current clients (Retention)

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1. Obtain new clients (Acquisition)

You should concentrate on acquiring new paying customers if you’re just starting out in business or don’t sell to the same clients frequently. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

Getting new customers consists of four key steps as your customers go through your marketing funnel: You attract your target audience, show them your product as a solution to their problem, make them consider it, and give them a reason to buy.

marketing funnel by guardiansofit

Note how many additional clients or how much money you require each month.

2. Sell to you existing clients (Upsell)

For more established organisations with an established clientele, the objective can be to sell to those clients in addition to attracting new ones.

For instance, I spend money on Flywheel to host websites for customers. It advertises other services or add-ons to its current clients when I go into my account.

how to promote your small business by guardiansofit

List any other goods or services you can offer to your present clients in addition to your primary offering.

3. Retention: Maintaining current clients

Thirdly, if you have a large customer base, you must maintain their satisfaction or they will quit paying you.

Many businesses tend to cherish their current clients and then abandon them because they are so preoccupied with acquiring new ones.

Assuming you have 1,000 monthly $50-paying customers, your monthly revenue would be $50,000.

However, if you’re losing 5% of your consumers per month, that’s a problem.

  • Every month, *50 consumers leave.
  • Every month, $2,500 in revenue is lost.

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Step 4. Decide where you want to sell your goods or services.

Consider all the potential markets for your goods or services.

For instance, SaaS companies like Ahrefs often exclusively sell subscriptions through their websites.

In contrast, a fashion company like Universal Works sells through its website, social media platforms, in-person storefronts, and partnerships.

Here are a few of the most popular offline and online marketplaces.


  • Your website
  • Integrate your products on social media channels
  • Marketplaces
  • Partners


  • Physical stores
  • Telephone
  • In person

Step 5. Promote the goods or services you offer.

Here are a few of the most popular marketing avenues you might employ to advertise your goods.

Your business, its goods, and its services are all housed on your website. Your ability to effectively market your business and items will typically affect website traffic. Almost everyone in the modern world requires a website.

Content marketing and SEO
The technique of increasing a website’s traffic from natural search results is known as SEO (search engine optimization). You should probably prioritize SEO as part of your marketing strategy if your target audience searches online for information about your items. That applies to the majority of firms.

You must conduct keyword research, produce content, and build links in order to market your company to search traffic. Here is a general description of what that involves.

  • Enter a keyword associated with your product or service into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to learn what people are searching for online when they have queries about your company.
  • Make a content strategy that includes the keywords you want to target.
  • To make creating and posting content for your content plan easier, use our content outline template.
  • Use these 15 strategies to obtain website backlinks to raise the traffic and rating of your website.

For further information, local business owners should visit the local SEO handbook. Additionally, e-commerce businesses must use certain SEO strategies for e-commerce that are distinct from typical best practices.


There are two steps to marketing your business with email. First, you need to get subscribers onto your email list, and then you need to convert them into customers by sending emails.

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Getting email subscribers

To get email subscribers, you can include a newsletter or content upgrade sign-up form using any number of email marketing solutions.

Emailing customers can convert them.
Once you have a list of subscribers who have chosen to receive your emails, you can start marketing to them.

Paid searches

Companies who engage in paid search, often known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, are charged a fee each time a user hits one of their ads in the search results.

If you have marketing funds available and are seeking for immediate website traffic that can generate leads or sales, paid search is a fantastic alternative.
However, there are additional forms of advertising, such as audio, print, direct mail, and outdoor advertising.

Affiliates, partners, and sponsors
To reach and market to potential clients, many businesses work with partners or affiliates.

With ConvertKit’s new sponsorship network, for instance, you may sponsor the newsletters of business owners in your sector who have over 10,000 email subscribers.

If you sell products, Shopify has introduced a program called Shopify Collabs that enables creators to partner with your company, create content about your products, and earn commissions when their audience purchases.

how to promote your small business by guardiansofit

In-app marketing

In-app marketing is a type of marketing where adverts or messages appear within software and mobile apps.

You can use a solution like Bea

In-store marketing

In-store marketing is the practice of promoting products and services at retail stores. This can include advertising on store shelves, signage, displays, point-of-sale materials, etc.

This skateboarding retailer uses its shop window to promote a winter sale to people walking past the shop on the high street.

Promotion sign on a large shop window
How to Promote Your Small Business in 2023 9

Step 6. Measure and evaluate

You set some goals in stage three. You now want to assess whether your marketing efforts succeeded in achieving these goals.

Here are some objectives and examples of how to measure them.

Objective: Sell items

If you use Shopify to sell things, the Analytics reports will show you where your visitors came from, the products they looked at, the top-selling items, the average order value, and the conversion rate.

For instance, 26 sales were mostly generated through search and direct traffic; to increase sales, the company owners may want to think about PPC advertising the next month.

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Goal: Get customers with Google Ads

If you’re using Google Ads to get new customers, you should focus on your cost per conversion: the cost of someone buying your product or the cost per new inquiry.

Google Ads cost per conversion

You do this by setting up conversion tracking at the start of the campaign.

Set up conversion tracking with Google Ads

Goal: Sell to existing customers with email marketing

If you use email to market to existing customers, use Google Analytics to track visitors to your site and their activities, such as purchases or leads.

Look under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels, and you will see the number of visitors, transactions, revenue, or leads that came from email.

Ask your web developer or designer to set this tracking up for you.

Google Analytics channel conversions

Step 7. the same when it works

Review your marketing efforts and results at the end of each month, take note of any errors you made, and repeat strategies that were successful in the past.

Final thoughts

This marketing manual will assist people wishing to expand their firm in getting off to a good start.

It demonstrated how to sell your business (beginning with your items), set prices, establish goals, identify potential clients, and advertise your goods or services. A template is also provided to help you stay on course.

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