How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

My Bloggy Friends, Pinterest can be a powerful resource for increasing traffic to your blog. People who are really interested in what you have to say and what you’re selling are drawn to it! This A-Z Pinterest Guide demonstrates in detail how to optimise your Pins and Profile for all of those Pinterest Badasses out there in addition to assisting Beginning Bloggers in understanding how the entire pinning process functions.

1. Pinterest is a unique form of social media!

So, my fellow Bloggers, for a very long time, I mistakenly believed that Pinterest was a Social Media Platform like Facebook or Instagram. You would make friends, converse with them, and expand your incredible network of like-minded individuals!

But Friends, Pinterest is different if you think about it. Yes, you develop a community, and you have the option to follow others. However, you don’t engage or leave comments on Pinterest. I use Pinterest to look for things, such as ideas for a formal dress, small business promotion, or inspiration for my forthcoming birthday celebration.

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

Pinterest is a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

We use Pinterest to look for specific solutions to issues. This is quite effective, and I’ll explain why right now. People use Pinterest to look for things, and if they come across a pin that appeals to them or offers a solution to their issue, THEY ARE GOING TO CLICK ON IT AND VISIT YOUR WEBSITE! Although this is not magic, it affects your traffic in a magical way!

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The best part is that, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your Pinterest pins can go viral and send tonnes of traffic your way even if you have exactly 0 Blog Followers! This is MASSIVE! I’ll demonstrate how to use and optimise Pinterest for your blog in the next sections. We’re off:

2. How is the Pinning Process Performed?

Let’s get right to the fundamentals of how the pinning procedure operates. The concept is that you can add pictures to the boards you make on your profile from any website. People can view these Boards for free and repin your pins to one of their own boards if they like them. All of your subscribers as well as others who conduct a topical search will see your pin. Additionally, if someone repins your pin, their followers will see it. Really cool, then.

When you search for a topic, numerous pins relating to that topic are displayed. This is referred to as a “feed” or a “smart” feed in Pinterest lingo. “Smart” because it shows you the pins that are most relevant to you rather than the most recent ones, taking into account a number of characteristics like “how many times it was pinned” and the “quality” of the pinner.

So, let’s say you just published a new blog post and you also added a Pin Image to it:

To pin this to Pinterest, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Pinterest account
  2. In the right corner, click the three DOTs to bring up the profile information.
  3. Create 10 relevant Boards for your blog and add a button to your profile.
  4. The Pinterest pinning button can be downloaded (Google Chrome HERE)
  5. Go to your blog post now
  6. Update your Post by adding an image you want to pin to Pinterest.
  7. Click the Chrome Extension for Pinterest button.
  8. Choose the picture from your blog post that you wish to pin.
  9. Look for the Board that you established and wish to add this pin to. You may edit the text that appears behind the image.
  10. Add five keywords (such as “blogging,” “how to start a blog,” etc.).
  11. Add five hashtags, such as “#blogging” and “bloggingtips.”
  12. Click “Save”

You have successfully pinned your first item! Congratulations!

Your blog post is now LINKED from this pin! When someone sees your pin while searching for the subject you were writing about, clicks on it, they are taken to your blog article! That is what I refer to as genuine TRAFFIC MAGIC!

3. The Ultimate Pinterest Strategies List!

There are countless ways to enhance your Pinterest profile to increase traffic to your blog now that we have found out how Pinterest functions in its simplest form. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS AS FOLLOWS:

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1. Change to a business account first

Making your account a business account should be your top priority! Guys, don’t worry, it’s free. You may now do a number of things by moving to a business account, which will broaden the audience for your pins and enable you to analyse your development more effectively. So, here is how it goes:

1.      Click the three dots.

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023
How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

b. Create your Business Account

The following two AMAZING features will become available with the Pinterest Business Account:

a. Analyses

I adore Pinterest Analytics because it shows me exactly how far I’ve come, which pins are effective, and how much traffic Pinterest is sending to my blog. The Analytics Tab will appear in the left corner of your Pinterest profile once you’ve set up your account.

b. Rich Pins

Once your company account has been activated, go HERE to set up Rich Pins.

Rich Pins give Pinners a richer experience and boost engagement, claims Pinterest. They display metadata directly on the pin itself. Since the information in a Rich Pin is separate from the Pin description, it is always linked to the Pin. App, article, product, and recipe Pins are the four different categories of Rich Pins.

In essence, Rich Pins effectively provide extra information to your pins that comes directly from your website. After setting this up, nothing else has to be done. Everything is completed automatically, which is wonderful, right? Less to be concerned about!

My most popular pins, as seen by my pin statistics, are ALL RICH PINS! Therefore, my friends, if you are serious about increasing your pin traffic, I would advise you to start with this.

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2. Very powerful pins

This section will serve as a guide for creating Pinterest pins that will help you drive more visitors to your blog. Here is my secret to creating pins that work wonders:

a. Size & Format

 You can add pin images in a variety of sizes and orientations, including horizontal and vertical pins with various lengths and widths. On Pinterest, however, large vertical dimensions (such 735 x 1102 pixels) unquestionably perform the best! It’s a terrific way to extend the regular pin length of 1102 pixels to occupy even more feed space.

The basic idea is that bigger pins take up more room, increasing the likelihood that people will see them. Be cautious though, I’ve heard that some of the very long pins end up being cut off in the middle since they are simply too long. As a result, I use a format that is just a little bit larger than a typical Pinterest pin, and thus far, no issues have arisen. I employ 735px by 1300px.

In comparison to 735px by 1300px,

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

b. Image vs. Text

The finest pins frequently have text that precisely explains what the Post on your blog will be about. I realise this sounds a little bit strange, but consider the claim I made at the start of this post: Pinterest is a search engine used by users to look for solutions to problems. Readers will understand exactly what to expect from your content from the text on the pin.

Additionally, compared to just regular Images, the text shines out much more in the Feed. This, in my opinion, is because our brain automatically reads and interprets every content it comes across! If any brain surgeons are out there, please tell me the scientific basis for that. You can experiment with wording even if you’re a food blogger to increase the audience appeal of your pins.

Here’s an illustration: Which images catch your attention right away?

As well as text that is shown relatively large and is simple to read, I have a tendency to hold pins in the centre first.

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3. Stock Up on Boards

Now, if it appears like you are using Pinterest, both Pinterest and visitors to your profile will like it! Pinterest keeps track of how much time you spend there, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Create a profile that closely fits your brand (blog), pick a warm profile picture, then start and populate your boards. My Bloggy Friends, the following sentences describe the method I followed to enhance my Pinterest boards:

a. Create 10 boards that are pertinent to the niche of your blog.

b. Remove all inactive Boards.

You may already have a Pinterest account, but you want to use it right away to promote your blog. By selecting “Secret” from the drop-down menu when you click the tiny pencil icon in the top right corner of your board, you can hide irrelevant boards that are still visible to other users but hidden from view. Now that your profile has been updated, it is much more obvious to visitors what your profile—and ultimately, your blog—is all about.

c. Ideally, place between 50 and 100 pins on each of your ten new Boards.

No one is expecting you to fill up all of your boards with solely pins that you have made yourself; that is obviously impossible, my friends! Search for pins on Pinterest that fit that board, and then repin other people’s pins! This is acceptable because Pinterest encourages you to share other people’s pins in addition to your own.

d. Make a board specifically for YOUR blog pins.

Create a Board that only has Pins from your blog as its content! Make this the FIRST Board on your profile and give this Pin the same name as your blog! Your Blog Board is now the first thing visitors see when they arrive! Friends, you can see that this board is very essential because it has received the most pinnings of any of my boards.

4. Keyword, Keywords, Keywords

Now that it is known that Pinterest functions as a search engine, the question is how it determines which Pins are associated with which topics. Because of the algorithm used by Pinterest, actual employees are not sitting at desks sorting pins to specific themes, which would take FOREVER! Therefore, Pinterest’s algorithm is effective. In essence, the system classifies pins using KEYWORDS and—this is novel—also HASHTAGS. For others to find your Pins and your Profile, you need to add keywords and hashtags in a number of places. As a result, I’ve detailed where to add keywords on Pinterest for you guys in the section below:


  • Description of a pin
  • Profile Description
  • ALT Text for the pin image
  • Board Names
  • Profile Name
  • Board Information

Hashtags: Description of a pin

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5. Group Boards

Regular Boards, like the ones we created in the first part, are one type; but, you can also share so-called Group Boards with others. You can create your own Group Board and invite others to join it, or you can join Group Boards that others have created.

The benefits of the followers that group boards have accumulated over time make them fantastic. Even while your profile may only have a few followers right now, there are group boards open with hundreds of thousands of followers, and once you are allowed, your pins will reach all of them!

You guys have a great potential with group boards, but finding and applying to boards that are pertinent to your blog’s specialization will take some work on your part.

The method I employ to locate and apply to Group Boards is as follows:

a. Look for influential Pinners in your blog niche.

b. Look for Group Boards in your niche on their profile.

A split circle in the right corner of group boards displays several users. It’s not a group board if there is just one person on it!

c. Select “Group Board”

d. Comply with the guidelines listed in the Board Description.

You frequently need to follow both the group board AND the owner’s profile in order to be added to a group board. After you follow, you typically need to send the group administrator a brief email expressing your want to join. Follow any additional instructions if there are any in order to be added to a Group Board.

a. Attempt to sign up for 10 Group Boards in your Niche.

Friends, enjoy the Traffic Magic!

6. Join Pinning Friends who share your interests.

You should start following friends and other pinners within your blog niche to create your community, especially up until you get about 1000 followers. Now, don’t worry too much about it since one of the wonderful things about Pinterest is that even if you do not have a sizable following, your Pins can become viral or be very successful. But what I’ve learned is that after you get to approximately 1000 followers, you stop stressing about it and start to expand naturally every day.

My friends, just be aware that not everyone will follow you back. It’s okay. Until you achieve your objective, simply continue to follow a few people each day. Additionally, it will be much simpler for you to find relevant pins for your boards when you follow individuals in your specialty because your feed will also suggest the pins of the people you follow. When you visit Pinterest, it seems to have picked up on your interests and presents you those items first. So you can see that it also allows you to fill up your boards more quickly.

7. Manual Pin

Although scheduled pins are my particular preference and will be discussed in great detail later, it’s imperative that you continue to pin manually. When you log into your account daily, click a few things, then pin them, Pinterest kind of likes it. At this time, I am daily repinning roughly 50 pins. Who has time for that, to be honest? Finding and pinning those pins would certainly take me two hours each day. So, I pin the majority of my pins using scheduled pinning, which we will discuss later. Additionally, I spend 15 minutes each day on Pinterest, personally pin a few things, respond to comments, and follow a few users I like.

Since Pinterest is a business, it favors users who are active. A ranking has also been developed under pinners, essentially letting Pinterest know if you’re a great or horrible pinner. This score ultimately influences how well your pins perform and how many people see them.

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8. Magnets made of lead

Making excellent Lead Magnets (also known as Freebies) and featuring them on your Pin is a terrific way to increase traffic to your blog. The goal is to provide a file that may be downloaded for free on your blog article. Lists, cheat sheets, guides, templates, and many other things are examples of lead magnets. Visitors must submit their email addresses in order to access the Free Lead Magnet, which ultimately leads to subscription to your email list.

The purpose of Pinterest is to increase traffic to your blog by teasing readers with a little excerpt of the Lead Magnet.

9. Schedulers for Pinterest!

Friends, this strategy deserves its own section. Read on underneath…

4. Pinterest Schedulers: Tools for Growth on Autopilot!

As previously said, Pinterest prefers that you pin frequently to your boards and are active every day. Because we are currently busy individuals and it is incredibly unrealistic for us to spend our entire day on our profile, “Pinterest Schedulers” have been magically created! You may schedule pins to Pinterest schedulers, and they’ll post them for you at the best moments throughout the day. Wow, that’s fantastic, am I right?

You may automatically pin to Pinterest with many different apps, but the two most well-known ones are Tailwind and Boardbooster! I adore them both, my friends.


With Tailwind, you can schedule the posting of any pin from your website, blog, or other Pinterest sites. This Scheduler already determines the best times to add things to Pinterest and does it for you automatically! Group Lists and Tailwind Tribes are just two more excellent features that are amazing.

FRIIIEEEENDDSS I am very happy that you completed this 2754-word post! I Love You! Nothing can stop you from becoming a Pinning Superstar, and I sincerely hope the advice I provided here was useful to you.

I’ll write to you shortly, so let me know what you think in the comments.



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