21 Proven Ways to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic

21 Proven Ways to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic

Promote Your Blog:

A blog has the potential to be a very useful tool for your company. You’ll want to make sure your blog receives the traffic you want because you’re likely to spend a lot of time finding and creating the greatest content to offer to your target audience.

Blogs are a useful strategy for content marketing since they help you develop current connections, attract new clients, and increase website traffic. Additionally, you may make the most of your blog’s content and perhaps even monetise it with the appropriate promotion techniques.

This essay explores the factors to take into account to make sure you get off to a fantastic start. From there, you can use the greatest strategies to advertise your blog on the most suitable websites.

Earlier than promoting your blog

promote your blog

Making preparations in advance will keep you organised and guarantee that your content is prepared for public consumption. Consider the following tasks before promoting your blog:

  • Performing a technical website audit
  • Research the subject
  • Optimization of the content
  • Establish and grow a devoted readership
  • Try out the social media buttons.
  • Install monitoring software such as Google Analytics

Performing a technical website audit:

A website with bugs and a long load time will have a high bounce rate. When users arrive to your website but depart shortly because the navigation is challenging or the page takes a long time to load. With a solid web hosting service, you may save visitors from having a frustrating encounter. Additionally, many web providers offer plug-ins for quicker loading times.

Perform an audit of your website before inviting readers to your carefully prepared and researched blog. Do all of the links—including the CTA and social media buttons—work?

Make sure your website can be found and crawled by search engines so they can index it and make your blog accessible to users. To do this, use a plug-in like Yoast or SEOPress.

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Research the subject:

Understand your sector and visualise your ideal client. Think about their interests and concerns and how you may help them by offering solutions. You have a greater chance of obtaining subscribers and leads if you offer your target audience relevant material.

Consider your tone of voice once you have an understanding of who your customer is. For instance, you might want to be professional and serious when writing about consulting or law, but you might be able to pull off a more lighthearted approach when writing about graphic design.

Research common keywords that target your niche and audience now that you are aware of your audience and tone. There are tools available for keyword research if you’re not sure where to start. For instance, Google Trends, Semrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer provide information on the most popular searches conducted worldwide.

Next, choose the form of material that will most engage your audience. A case study, infographic, list, video, or how-to article are a few examples of this type of content.

Optimization of the content:

Optimized content is content that can be found online and helps your company get found. Better search engine results for your blog may come from both on- and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Use high-ranking keywords liberally and naturally throughout your blog material for the best on-page SEO effects. The page title, primary header, opening sentence, and subheadings should all contain keywords. For readers who are blind, include alt text and compressed images. Additionally, alt text, which is a readable text substitute that appears if an image doesn’t load, aids in the indexing of the images by search engines. Off-page SEO takes place away from your website and can raise your site’s position and brand authority. Building links, being active on social media, writing as a guest, appearing on forums or podcasts, and getting brand evaluations are a few strategies.

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Establish and grow a devoted readership:

You need viewers for your site in order to benefit the most. But where can you find them?

There are various ways to start and grow a dedicated readership, including through email subscribers, social media, and a call to action on your website. By carefully curating an email list, you can give your blog the attention it needs by directly informing readers when new content is posted. Additionally, publishing a link to a particular blog post on social media with appropriate hashtags and clever tagging may increase interaction.

What happens if customers already visit your website? If the information on your blog is pertinent to what they are already reading, include a link to it. For instance, if they’re purchasing a rug, you could include a link to a blog post about how to properly care for rugs. Including a CTA button that enables readers to subscribe directly to your blog is a best practice.

Try out the social media buttons:

For visitors to click and share your material on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, include social sharing icons. But make sure to test these buttons first to ensure that they function and connect to the appropriate social network platform.

Make it simpler for readers to share great content by including functional social media buttons.

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Install monitoring software such as Google Analytics:

Analytics software tracks user behaviour on a website or blog. Knowing what customers enjoy and dislike will help you determine whether to change your content marketing strategy.

Google Analytics is one tool you may use for this because it lets you track a variety of viewer behaviours, such as:

  • Organic outcomes (in other words, unpaid search results)
  • The quantity of people who came to your blog directly by entering its URL into a search engine.
  • Number of recommendations (those who come from another website)
  • Paid searches
  • The number of email-based visitors

Based on the parameters you set, you will be able to see how your blog is performing on a continuous basis.

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Best methods for promoting your blog


You may grow your business and develop relationships with the proper blog advertising plan. Take into account the following advice to assist you in promoting your blog and growing traffic:

1. Adapt your material

Content that has already been published can be repurposed in a number of ways to save time and give it a fresh perspective. You may, for instance, include quotes from your blog in an infographic, a video, a podcast, or on social media.

This strategy has a number of advantages, including the potential to save time, effort, and money by reusing existing material rather than creating new content from beginning. Additionally, you can increase interest and reach a larger audience.

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2. Invest in link-building

Link building, an effective method for promoting blogs, is rewarded by search engines. Backlinks, sometimes referred to as inbound links, are frequently used to grow your audience’s trust and increase traffic.

Creating excellent content that encourages sharing is the primary approach to apply this strategy. Create a blog that is simple to read and include noteworthy or useful content that people will find valuable.

The conclusion of your blog could also benefit from connections to interesting related topics. By doing this, you make more reading material on your website easily accessible to readers. The most popular blog posts on your site can be chosen, and the material modified to create a new post with a link to the original.

3. Use social media to advertise

Don’t undervalue the power of social networking sites to drive visitors to blogs. Share your most recent blog article on various social media platforms. To help the relevant people locate your material, use hashtags to identify it. Particularly on more visual networks like Instagram, think about posting a captivating image or video. Social media users are frequently persuaded to pause and read a post by images. You’ll eventually get a sense for which social media platforms are most appropriate for your specialty, allowing you to concentrate your efforts there.

On each of your social media profiles, include a link to your blog. Visitors can easily catch up on earlier postings and possibly even exchange material with the help of this straightforward step.

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4. Spend money on advertising

Despite the fact that we all prefer free things, paid advertising has some advantages. Paid advertising spaces may increase visibility and bring more visitors to your blog.

Ads on search engines like Google are one way to employ paid advertising to promote your site. These marketing strategies can also show your advertisement to visitors who have already been to your website, giving them a polite reminder to return.

5. Benefit from email marketing

This marketing strategy fosters connections and attracts new readers to your blog. Create a lead-based email list, write enticing email subject lines that grab attention, and curate email content that inspires readers to visit your blog as a starting point.

It takes time to build an email list, but with a few tips, you can start out strong. Add a subscribe button, a sign-up form for exclusive discounts or promotions, or an opt-in for a loyalty programme, for instance, to your website.

People in general enjoy a good deal and frequently have no issue disclosing their email address in exchange for gifts or a promo code.

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6. Constantly publish articles

It doesn’t do any good to simply arrive once or twice before disappearing and then reappearing out of nowhere six months later. By posting fresh content, you can stay current in your community. You enhance the value of your brand by demonstrating to your audience your dedication to offering the most up-to-date information.

To stay on top of posts, use a content calendar. Include upcoming articles, status updates, and promotions that are scheduled. Create your own template or think about using one of the many available templates to assist with frequency planning.

7. Speak with influential people

Influencer marketing may provide your brand credibility in addition to a host of other advantages, like higher leads and sales, a bigger social media following, and improved website traffic.

Try to establish a relationship first, though, before asking for a favour. Linking from your blog to an influencer’s social media or blog postings is one way to accomplish this.

Your audience might grow as a result of an influencer partnership. Influencers market products in a way that directly appeals to their fan bases. Influencers explain what works for them and how it might work for their followers like a friend would.

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8. Contribute to guest blogs

Why not contribute your knowledge as a guest blogger as you already blog on your own website? A guest post is a fantastic method to promote your business and get people to visit your blog.

You can use blogger outreach to present your brand to new audiences. You may need to make a few attempts to capture an audience’s interest, but if you create and publish your own high-quality content to serve as an illustration of the value you offer, you will begin to acquire momentum.

Working with a freelance writer in this particular area may be quite beneficial. Consider hiring a professional blog writer through Upwork if you want to produce material that attracts other bloggers.

9. Interact with other bloggers and network

Even though it seems apparent, networking and leaving comments on other blogs that are relevant to your own is an excellent strategy to promote your own blog. They’ll be more likely to visit your blog if you offer viewers (and even the blog owner) helpful information. Make sure your information is pertinent to the subject at hand. Simple blog links in comments are frequently perceived as spam.

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10. Add a Quora comment

Did you realise that Quora can be a useful source of traffic for your blog? You can locate a tonne of people who have questions on Quora by conducting a quick search.

Find your area of expertise and respond to comments. Ensure that you offer sincere responses rather than repeatedly spamming folks with a link to your blog. Consider making your blog URL the only one in your profile so that people may easily refer to it if they find your knowledge to be helpful.

By engaging in this activity, you can spread the word about yourself and learn about current business trends. You can almost certainly uncover an endless supply of fresh topics for your own blog.

11. Boost the performance of your website

The quality of a piece of content depends on its website. When readers experience a bad user experience on your blog, they are likely to quit and may not return the next time they encounter your business.

WordPress is a fantastic alternative if you need a quick, dependable, and secure hosting platform—for both new and experienced bloggers. You may assess site performance, find weak spots like big images or broken links, and optimise your site for social media and search engines with its built-in SEO tools.

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12. Take use of webinars.

Webinars assist in disseminating information in novel methods that might appeal to a variety of audiences. The truth is that not everyone enjoys reading articles and lengthy blog entries.

For difficult subjects or unique presentations, webinars are fantastic. They may prove useful for engaging your audience and establishing your reputation as a thinking leader. If people find what you have to say helpful, they’ll probably look for more details. This is a fantastic chance to link to your blog.

13. Take part in forums.

You’re sure to discover an online forum for any interest or concern. Bring your professional insight and promote yourself at the same time. A nice spot to link to your blog is here, especially if you’ve written about the subject before and believe that others will find the information useful.

Specific Reddit subreddits and Discord groups are a couple of the online discussion places where queries are asked. You have the chance to immediately connect with people on a more intimate level through internet forums like these.

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14. Plan events. ‍

You can meet new prospects and business experts at events that aren’t entirely online.

For instance, you may arrange pop-up stores, industry-related lectures or workshops, or launch events. Specialized events could boost interest in your company, increase traffic to your blog, and increase brand awareness.

15. Create your own network or group.

Establish credibility and expand your network. Connecting with your community and exchanging useful information is made possible by taking part in online groups like Facebook Groups.

Take advantage of the chance to promote your blog when you create your own online community, especially if you want to go into greater detail about a subject but don’t want to bore readers with a lengthy social media post.

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Places to advertise your content


By knowing where to market your content, you can increase leads and reach your target audience. The principal platforms for distribution include:


Send carefully crafted information to your clients’ inboxes by using email as a promotional tool. Don’t forget to mention the URL of your most recent blog post.

Email is a fantastic way to get in touch with industry leaders and even recruit guest writers. Additionally, as your readership grows, gauge the level of interest in your blog by counting the number of clicks. This will enable you to create content that appeals to your readers’ interests and those of potential consumers.

Social Media

You might be tempted to publish all of your blog posts on each social media platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Each medium, however, has a unique audience and set of viewer expectations.

For instance, if you want to attract Facebook users, stick to publishing videos and carefully selected blog articles. It goes without saying that you would use Instagram to upload high-resolution images and Stories that linked to your site. Additionally, since LinkedIn caters to working professionals, you should share blog posts that are about careers, professional development, and business news.


Don’t undervalue the value of your company website as a promotion tool despite all the methods you may employ to promote your blog. Give your blog a page link and a CTA button to encourage visitors to visit. Use a subscription button to allow site visitors to sign up for updates on new blog posts.

Additionally, it’s a smart idea to include links to your blog in all of your signature lines and social media bios. This allows your readers quick access to your blog and a direct link to your content.

Get the most of your blog


To ensure that your company gets the most out of your blog, it is helpful to apply a variety of content marketing strategies. By collaborating with a self-employed expert, you could be able to improve your tactics even more.

Upwork can connect you with professionals who have the know-how to bring your blog in front of the right people at the right time, whether you need assistance with link building, SEO, or even blog authoring.



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