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SEO From a Professional’s Perspective: How Does the Art of SEO Help Your Website Rank Higher?



The world will eventually become more digital. Businesses like (brick and mortar establishments) are moving online more than ever in order to keep up with it. However, you must comprehend SEO if you want to rule the field. Moreover, how you may strengthen your online visibility.

What is SEO?

The practise of ranking your website higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Any buyer looking for a wall painting or any other product in this category can reach your website, for instance, if you run a business selling home decor items.

Simply put, SEO is around understanding the search phrases your clients use and the reasons they require your good or service. All of these searches are now being made by various people using different queries. A few of them desire to:

  • Buy a product or service
  • Learn how to do something
  • Understand more about the topic
  • Find a solution to the problem

Anyone with an interest in home decor can now do searches that are relevant to their requirements. For instance, users could look for:

  • Best shop to buy hanging mirror
  • How to make a wall frame
  • Latest home decor trends in India
  • Affordable wall stickers and golden lights

What follows is what? The most pertinent pages for that keyword are now displayed at the top of Google’s database search results. The top outcomes for the search “Digital Marketing Agency in Shahjahanpur” are displayed below.


Increased quality and quantity of website traffic from organic search results is SEO’s ultimate goal. The aforementioned illustration shows how a search engine result page directs users to your website (SERP).

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Why Invest in SEO?

Recently, Google has increased its processing speed to 63,000 searches per second, which equates to 5.6 billion searches per day and almost 2 trillion searches worldwide.

deep breaths

People use search engines to look out everything from Taylor Swift song lyrics to love advice to instructions on how to meditate for ten minutes. Give me directions to the local Italian restaurant where I can have dinner, Google.

SEO boosts the volume of traffic to your website, which boosts your return on investment and gives you the competitive advantage you need. Without SEO, having a website with helpful information that instructs visitors on how to use your items to their advantage would be pointless. It resembles grasping a steering wheel with your eyes closed more or less. It’s a little bit unsettling, yes?

Therefore, no one will be aware that you exist if search engines don’t crawl, index, and rank your website.

Without a doubt, SEO is essential to getting your website noticed and making it successful.

Let’s explore the SEO tactics for the next 2 platforms where you can successfully launch a business and build your online presence.

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Best SEO Practices for Your Website and Mobile App

We have the best plan for both your website and your mobile app, if you have a presence for your company online. So let’s get started.

SEO Strategy for Website

Imagine how many potential customers and leads might visit your website given the vast millions of queries Google receives every day. Let’s use a sales automation tool as an example. If you were selling that tool, wouldn’t you want it to be at the top of search engine results when someone searches for the “best sales automation tools of 2023”?

Yes, it would be ideal.

So possibly concentrate on SEO to attract the attention of your intended market. Let’s talk about the components you’ll need for website optimization:

1.  Keyword Research

Keywords are words or phrases that users use to understand more about your business and offerings. You can try different tools to access keyword suggestions, different metrics, and insights to help you compile the best keywords for your website.

Best free and paid keyword research tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Yoast SEO

The most fruitful SEO practice is to focus on long-tail keywords with low search volume especially if you are a startup owner. Once you establish your authority, try using high-volume keywords.

2. Technical SEO

Having well-optimized and high-quality content on your website is just half of the ice in the Himalayas. If your website is not well optimized, not free of duplicacy, and not well structured and secured Google wouldn’t give any attention to rank it.

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To fix your technical SEO, keep the below-mentioned in mind

  • JavaScript
  • XML sitemaps
  • Structured data markup
  • URL structure
  • Duplicate content
  • Canonical tags
  • 404 pages
  • 301 redirects
  • Site architecture

3. On-page SEO

Keywords, content, and images are the three main characters of on-page SEO. Let’s find out about On-page SEO in detail:

  • Title Tags: It is important to understand where to place the keyword right. And to rank your website, you put your main keyword in the title’s tag. You can see the title tag at the top of your browser.
  • Meta Description: The meta description is displayed on Google search results. So, you need to have a compelling meta description to make searchers click on your website. The character limit is 50-160 for a meta description.
  • Body Content: Your website needs to have purpose-driven content that speaks for your brand. So, make sure to write highly engaging and unique content as it acts as good food for Google.
  • Internal Linking: Internal links take you from one page to another within the website. Good internal linking boosts your page views and improves the page rank.
  • External Linking: External links take you from your website page to another website. Good external linking helps you establish your brand authority. Eventually, your website goes up in search engine results.
  • Heading Tags: Header tags not just help Google understand your content but also your readers. These tags act as a preview of what content is coming next. It’s simple, right? So, H1 tags are for the title of the content while H2 and H3 are for subheadings of your content.

4. Backlinking

Backlinking means linking your website to another website as a reference to your blog post or any type of content. For example, you publish a blog post on ‘How to get maximum views on your Instagram post’ and one of the big names from your industry uses your blog post’s link to add to their blog or website.

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However, it’s not easy to get referrals. Here are some tactics for effective link-building:

  • Keep content original. Add some latest statistics and expert quotes that build some trust with your audience. This should help readers get some good solutions for their problems.
  • Talk with industry experts and have their interviews published on your website. Such collaborations help you get a link from a popular and recognized personality. This is an interesting head-start for your business success.
  • Guest-posting on third-party websites adds a lot to your link repository and improves brand credibility too.

Getting a backlink from a good authoritative website not just increases your site’s traffic but also cement your authority in the market. It directly or indirectly contributes to your brand growth.

SEO Strategy for Mobile App

The success of a mobile app depends upon people finding it, downloading it, and using it for their purpose. So, whether it’s a website or an app, users will continue to use the search bar to meet their needs.

Let’s dive into the best practices and strategies you can use to optimize your software:

1. Optimize the App Title and Description

In SEO for an app, start by optimizing the name of your app, its description, keywords, and the URL. It is good to be descriptive while creating a description and title for your application. So, just make sure to speak the language of your targeted buyers.

2. Use App Store Optimization (ASP) Tools

Using ASP tools increases the visibility of your app among customers when they search for keywords on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Here, the app store acts as a search engine for your mobile apps to be seen and downloaded by users.

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3. Localize Your App

As a company or business owner, you must realize that there is a whole world outside of your local country. A great way to amplify its popularity is by expanding your reach on a global level in the manner and language of your targeted buyers.

If done correctly, this strategy can increase huge traffic to your app. More the downloads, the more the ROI for your product.

How long until SEO becomes effective in 2023?

An excellent strategy to invest in your company’s long-term success is through SEO. It serves as a fantastic medium for connecting with your target audience at the appropriate time and location. Through this article, we’ve attempted to reflect on the practise of SEO and how it may actually help your business, whether it be a website or an app.

Here, it is reasonable to say that there is more to SEO than first appears. So it makes sense to speak with an SEO expert who is knowledgeable about the subject and walks the talk.



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