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How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting in 2023

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting by guardiansofit

How Small Businesses Utilize Facebook Retargeting:

Few visitors will convert on their first visit to your website. Since they haven’t made up their minds to buy from you, the majority of prospects won’t convert on their initial visits.

When they encounter marketers, merchants, or sellers that they have never encountered before, consumers feel dread, anxiety, and distrust. Additionally, prospects’ decision-making processes would be drawn out and difficult if you operate in a highly competitive market. Customers-to-be could feel overloaded by the abundance of options provided.

Prospective customers struggle to make purchases during their first visits due to fierce competition. Visitors need to want to come back to your website often to learn more about your business and products.

One of the most efficient ways to encourage return visitors to your website is through Facebook retargeting. Through Facebook retargeting, many small businesses are encouraging repeat visits, which helps them boost sales.

The bike retailer Myfix Cycles is situated in Montreal, Canada. The business’ Facebook retargeting campaign netted $3,043.20 in profit for just $199.07. That is a profit of 1,529%, or about $15 for every $1 invested.


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Facebook retargeting: What is it?

Facebook retargeting operates as follows:

You receive a code from Facebook to post on your website.

The code enables Facebook to track user activity on any page on your website.

You can display relevant adverts to these Facebook users.

You’ve probably seen Facebook retargeting advertising if you use Facebook frequently and visit a lot of websites.

For instance, you went to a fashion retailer’s website in the morning to learn more about a watch you liked. The same watch from the retailer was advertised on Facebook when you went there later that day.

An example of an Expedia Facebook retargeting advertisement is shown below.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

What Makes Facebook Retargeting Campaigns Important?

More than 2 billion people use Facebook each month. There’s a good likelihood that the majority of your visitors use Facebook and have accounts there. You can direct potential buyers back to your website by using Facebook’s retargeting feature.

You can make an irresistible offer to prospects using the Facebook remarketing tool. You have complete discretion over who and when you want to see your advertisements.

Facebook enables you to retarget site visitors who have viewed particular pages.

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Setup Instructions for a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Create a Facebook retargeting campaign for your small business by following these easy steps.

First, obtain and set up your Facebook Pixel.

Facebook will provide you with the code to put the Facebook Pixel on your website. Facebook cannot identify which of its users have visited your website without this code.

Obtaining a Facebook Pixel is quick and simple.

Visit Facebook/business at this link.

Click “Create an Ad” on the homepage.

If you’re using a computer, select the “Ads Manager” tab in the upper left corner of your screen. (Using the Facebook Ads Manager on a computer is quicker and simpler than using it on a mobile device.)

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

“Measure & report” is located under “Pixels,” so click there.

You will be directed to the “Audiences” page via Facebook.

Click “Create a Pixel” after a brief descent on the page.

Enter your website address and the name you wish to give your Facebook Pixel.

Installing your Pixel comes next. From within Facebook, you may email instructions to your site developer or manually install it yourself.

If you have some basic HTML knowledge, the manual installation method is simple.

Your HTML should contain the <head> tag. Your Pixel should be copied and pasted before the closing </head> tag. In the screenshot that follows, Facebook provided the ideal illustration.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

For this process to be finished, click “Done.”

Create a Custom Audience in Step 2

It’s time to build a targeted personalised audience.

A specialised set of people who have taken an action or visited a page on your website is referred to as a custom audience. You can design several custom audiences. For this example, let’s build a single custom audience.

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Click “Audiences” under “Ads Manager,” which is located under “Assets.”

Click “Create a Custom Audience” after that.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

Click on “Website Traffic.”

Using the freshly installed Facebook Pixel, you’ll be building a personalised audience.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

I prefer to target those who “ALL” fit the requirements listed below.

You can retarget “All website visitors” on Facebook for “x” days. I want to retarget individuals from the last 30 days. I strongly advise that you begin with 14 days.

Additionally, you can retarget visitors who came to and stayed on a certain page or pages of your website.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

Click “Create Audience” after naming your audience.

You ought to receive a notification informing you that the procedure is finished. Select “Done”

Create a Retargeting Ad in Step 3

Click “Create Ad” in “Ads Manager” once again.

Give your ad set (or ad group), ad, and retargeting campaign some appealing names.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

One ad group may contain several adverts. Additionally, a retargeting campaign can have many ad groups.

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You’ll come across a “Audience” area when constructing your advertisement. Add the audience you made using your Facebook Pixel by going to “Custom Audience.”

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

That is how retargeting advertisements are made.

Target Recent Visitors

90 days after visiting your website, a user might no longer require your product or service. They might have bought from one of your rivals.

For instance, relationship counsellor for males Karen Brody. Men who just visited her website are undoubtedly going through some difficult relationship situations. They require her help. Months later, if she retargets them, they might not require her assistance anymore. You must therefore focus on recent visitors.

Your Facebook advertisements will be more successful if they are targeted at recent visitors. Their memories of their visits to your website are still recent.

You should concentrate on recent visitors, in my opinion. And focus on returning visitors during the last 30 days.

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Customize Your Ads

Any company that wants to compete online must customise their ads. Prospects anticipate seeing advertisements that are pertinent to their requirements, aspirations, and interests.

Of course, running Facebook targeted advertisements counts as personalization. But that’s not all you need to do.

Make distinct ad copy that cater to visitors according to where they are. You might write a different ad copy for Manchester residents than for Londoners.

Additionally, you can write many ad copy variations that cater to various age, gender, behaviour, interest, and demographic groupings.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

Your adverts get more effective as you add more personalization.

The secret to capturing anyone’s attention on Facebook is personalization.

Exclude Existing Clients

It doesn’t make sense to target your current clients unless you’re selling new goods or services. Your company enjoys the loyalty of its current clients.

It’s common for some current consumers to visit your website. You can prevent them from seeing your adverts on Facebook.

When generating your ad, select “Exclude” under “Audience.”

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

Select “Custom Audience” under “Create New” after clicking.

Click “Customer File” after that.

How Successful Small Business Uses Facebook Retargeting

You can post your clients’ information to Facebook right here. Your customers’ emails, phone numbers, first and last names, and more can all be uploaded.

The more information you provide, the simpler it will be for Facebook to identify your users as customers and prevent them from seeing your retargeting advertising.

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Improve Your Landing Pages

After clicking on your Facebook remarketing ad, users are led to landing sites.

A poorly designed landing page won’t convert users. As a result, make sure your landing page’s design is simple and organised. It should only include the details you want reoccurring guests to see.

Make sure to emphasise the value of your offer in your headline. The headline ought to be intriguing.

There should be some trust indicators on the landing page. Visitor trust is increased by trust signals. They entice customers to make purchases from you.

Customer recommendations, publications in which you have appeared, and award-winning logos are a few examples of trust indicators.

For instance, the trust signals below are visible when you go to the Grow homepage.

The aforementioned advice is being used by many small businesses to increase sales. You’ll be able to improve sales quickly by putting the aforementioned advice into practise.

How are you expanding your business with Facebook retargeting ads?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.



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